Forklift Operator Certification

Last June 16,2019, MIFFI and MLCI once again held the Safety Operation Actual Driving Test for all Forklift Operator assigned in MDC 1,3 &4 and LDC. The test is conducted every 3 months in order to remind our operators what are unsafe acts and how this can be avoided. Forklift Operators that passed the test and does not encounter accidents in the next three (3) months are given incentives by the company.

Fire Prevention & Evacuation Drill

Fires can have aa devastating effect in any kind of building. Warehouses poses a higher risk as they are filled with numerous hazards that makes it easier for fires to start and harder to put out . That is why every year MIFFI and MLCI makes it a point to conduct Fire Safety Drills on all of its branches and teach employees the step-by-step evacuation plan that explain to everyone what they need to do in case of a fire.

MIFFI Forklift Driver’s Certification

Safety and Security is in the forefront of MIFFI’s awareness. Last March 12, 2017, MIFFI held a re-certification of all Forklift Drivers. The training focused not only on the driving skills of each but more so in the safety practices that each drivers observe whenever they are operating a forklift.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Training Program

Recently, Manila International Freight Forwarders Inc. (MIFFI) conducted an internal training program designed to reinforce to each employees the need to comply not only with laws and but more so, to follow corporate ethics expected of a Hitachi Transport System Group member.

Hitachi Transport System and SG Holdings launch China–Japan integrated shipping service ‘Smart Import’ for apparel

Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. (headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yasuo Nakatani; “Hitachi Transport System”) and SG Holdings Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto, Chairperson and CEO: Eiichi Kuriwada; “SG Holdings”) have leveraged the strength of group companies to establish an integrated shipping service named “Smart Import”, commencing operations in October and covering the shipment of goods from factories in China through to their local delivery destinations in Japan. 

Integration of HTS Group Subsidiaries in North America

Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. (herein called HTS) announced that Hitachi Transport System (America), Ltd. (herein called TSA) and Vantec World Transport (USA), Inc.(herein called VWA) were integrated.

Announcement of Strategic Capital and Business Alliance

Announcement of Strategic Capital and Business Alliance among Hitachi Transport System, SG Holdings, and SAGAWA EXPRESS and Announcement of others.