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Smart Logistics

We deliver Smart Logistics. Our Smart Logistics consists of three main pillars: Contract Logistics, Heavy Transport and Freight Forwarding. We deliver optimal one-stop solutions for your supply chain, leveraging our global network and extensive experience as industry pioneer.

Our pioneering spirit and experience gained from Hitachi Factories here and abroad give us a distinct advantage in providing you the best possible solutions to your logistics requirements.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

MIFFI can also deliver third party logistics services as an outsourced service so that your company can concentrate in its core business. Through this partnership, you can operate more efficiently, and focus on expanding your business.

Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)

MIFFI has pioneered the concept of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) in the Philippines. Drawing from the experience gained in Japan thru our PEZA registered subsidiary, MIFFI Logistics Co. Inc (MLCI), we can assist in the planning, shipping, temporary storage, monitoring and order management of your raw materials in order to reduce overall logistics cost and turn-around-time.

Packaging Material Solutions

With the help of LOGISTEED Group, MIFFI continues to innovate in packaging design. We can deliver and test packaging materials with a smaller footprint, leading to savings in packaging materials costs, and freight and storage charges without compromising the protection required by your product. 

Logistics Process Outsourcing

MIFFI has helped companies grow by providing logistics-related services for the past 2 decades. With the know-how provided by LOGISTEED Group, MIFFI continues to provide production line feeding, sorting, quality inspection, labeling, packaging and other logistics processes.

Freight Forwarding

With LOGISTEED Group's expansive global network, we move goods seamlessly and efficiently. Our Group's united strength lies in our ability to deliver comprehensive global solutions, through the integration of our 3PL/contract logistics, heavy machinery haulage, and forwarding capabilities that give us a distinct advantage over other freight forwarders.

Documentation and Customs

Through MIFFI's partner customs brokers, we can assist in preparing the needed documents to get clearance from the Bureau of Customs. We take time to explain the often times confusing documentation requirements so you can focus on your core business.

Inland Hauling

MIFFI can provide your company with cost effective transport scheme in order to increase reliability of your usual trucking needs thru milk-run concept and common distribution platforms.

Heavy Lift and Special Projects

MIFFI has experience in setting up plants, offices and commercial establishments. With safety as our main priority, we'll ensure the correct methodology in setting up your heavy transport needs. Our highly skilled experts can guide you every step of the way - from design and production, to assembly and installation.